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Broadbridge has a lengthy experience in publishing textbooks for grade school (folkeskole) and high school (gymnasiet), in writing and directing drama and musicals, and in producing libretti in collaboration with various composers


Edward offer consultant and advisory services to Danish publishers of material in English. These include advice as to quality, content, level, and lay-out of teaching materials, as well as active editing and proof-reading of all materials in English, including advertisements, tourist brochures, books, and texts of all kinds.


The following books have been produced for English teaching in Denmark. The earlier books can be hard to find (DR = Danmarks Radio)

1974 Church Going to Crow (book + tape, Gyldendal) – modern English poetry anthology
1976 Recent English Poetry (radio + book, DR)
1976 London’s Underground/Petticoat Lane (radio + book, DR)
1977 Football (radio + book, DR)
1977 Seamus Heaney (radio + book, DR)
1977 Ireland (radio + book, DR)
1978 At School in England (Gyldendal)
1978 Scotland, Union or Independence (radio + TV + book, DR)
1978 The East End of London (radio + book, DR)
1979 Meet The Danes (book + tape, AVC)
1979 Radio Write-In (book + tape, AVC)
1979 English Schools (radio + book, DR)
1979 Every Song I Sing (book + tape, Gyldendal) – song anthology
1980 Margaret Drabble (radio + book, DR)
1980 The English Way of Life (book + 7 TV, DR)
1981 What About England? (book + 3 TV, DR) – social analysis
1981 Seven New Ages (book + tape, Gyldendal)- poetry anthology
1981 Meet The Danes Again (book + tape, Kaleidoscope)
1982 Buy, Buy (book + tape, Kaleidoscope) – advert analysis
1984 India and the English (book + tape, DR)
1984 West Ham United (book + radio, DR) – incl. interview on business and apprenticing
1984 Christmas in England (book + tape, Kaleidoscope)
1985 Article on the English poet Roger McGough in Dictionary of Literary Biography (Gale Research, USA)
1985 Enten-Eller (Musagetes) – exercise-book in synonyms for Danish students
1986 Full Circle (Gyldendal) – poetry anthology
1987 Rockaby/Act Without Words (book, DR) Samuel Beckett biography and theatre texts
1987 The Other Washington (book, DR) – the 17 other ‘Washingtons’ in the USA.
1987 Green Eggs and Bottles (Munksgaard) – crime reader
1988 Blackbird Fly (book + 5 radio, DR) – black women in the USA
1990 Jesse James (Munksgaard) – reader
1990 Finding Our Strength, South Africa Today (Gyldendal)
1991 New York, New York (Munksgaard) – reader
1991 This is London (Munksgaard) – anthology
1992 Chico Mendes (Munksgaard) – reader
1992 Teaching English in Denmark (DATE)
1994 JIT (Kaleidoscope) – text of film + book om Zimbabwe
1995 A Christmas Carol (for 8-10th grades) edited and recorded version of Dickens’ classic (Kaleidoscope)
1997 Nelson Mandela and the New South Africa (book + film + tape, Alinea)
1998 New England, Crucible of the USA (Munksgaard) – anthology
1999 Schools in England (3 radio programmes, DR)
2002 Hands-on Fantasy (Alinea) – creative writing in this genre for 7-9th grades
2003 Hands-on Crime Fiction (Alinea) – creative writing in this genre for 7-9th grades
2003 Wings for 3rd grade – Daffi the Dragon (Alinea) – beginner English teaching book
2004 Wings FreeStyle – The Big Five (Alinea) – reader set in South Africa
2005 Wings for 4th grade – SOS – Save Our Sam (Alinea)
2007-09 ‘Sarin’ series by Benni Bødker (beginner English, Alinea)
2007 Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith (Easy Readers, Alinea)
2009 Talking to Strangers by Anne Cassidy (Easy Readers, Alinea)
2009 Number the Stars by Lois Lowry (Easy Readers, Alinea)
2009 Hands-on Poetry (Alinea) – creative writing in this genre for 7-9th grades
2012 Focus on Black History (Alinea) (book + CD) for 7–9th grades. USA history from slavery to Obama

Drama (Danish only)

A Divine Experiment – 10 scenes from N. F. S. Grundtvig’s life (for actors, choir, dancers and musicians with music by Bent Kallehauge

The Summoning of Everyman – 1-hour version of medieval drama with music by Bent Kallehauge

A History of the Church in 10½ episodes – drama for church use


Broadbridge has written and directed the following musicals, (score, libretto and sound-tape available in Danish):

Cinderella – based on the Brothers Grimm’s version

Hamlet – The Rock Musical (English libretto, with music by Anders Aare), performed at Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London (1994).

The Mind of God (English libretto, with music by Anders Aare) – religious myths, parables and events from the whole world (score, libretto and CD in Danish under the name En verdensforestilling). Performed at the National Theatre of South Africa, Pretoria (1998)

The Snow Queen (music by Anders Aare) – a modern version of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale (score and libretto in Danish only) (2000).

Ossedem (with music by Anders Aare), musical about Danes and the ethnic minority in a Eurovision Song Context framework (2007)

Homer’s Odyssey (with music by Edward Broadbridge, Britta Kristensen & Rasmus Thode), performed at Værket, Randers (2008)

Bible-based musicals for 5–15-year-olds on Ruth, David, Peter, Paul, Easter and Christmas (Danish only). Martin Luther (lyrics Edward Broadbridge, music Lisbeth Eilrich Iversen (both Danish and English score and libretto available)


Libretti in collaboration with composer John Høybye:

The Little Mermaid – original libretto for Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale (English only). Libretto and score published by Wilhelm Hansen, 2007, CD af ExLibris/Gyldendal (EXLCD 3021)

Hope – (Easter music) libretto and score published by Cantando Music 2007

The Magic Paint Brush (a Chinese folk-tale) – libretto and score published by Cantando Music, 2008 (commissioned for the 8th World Symposium of Choral Music in Copenhagen)

Celebrate, All Heaven and Earth (3 Christmas Songs) – libretto and score published by Cantando Music, 2008

The Arrow and the Song (Longfellow, Shakespeare and Broadbridge) libretto and score/CD published by Cantando Music 2008

Maria Conceived – (on Mary mother of Jesus and Maria Magdalene) – libretto and score/CD published by Cantando Music 2009

Where does peace come from? (on peace) – libretto and score published by Gehrmans Musikforlag 2014

Psalm 151 – (on God and the Creation) – libretto and score published by Carus 2016

Klokken/The Bell – (Hans Christian Andersen’ fairy-tale about the bell that all can hear but none can find) 2017

This Human Life (texts by Richard Stoddard, William Blake, Edward Broadbridge, and Woody Allen) – libretto and score published by Carus 2017

Translations for Denmark Revisited
Libretti and score published by William Hansen Musikforlag/CD (2017)

  1. 3 Rosengaard Songs. Composer: Rued Langgaard, Text: Thor Lange
  2. Denmark revisited. Composer: Svend S. Schultz: Text: Johannes V. Jensen
  3. Songs Towards the Deep of Spring. Composer: Jørgen Jersild. Text: William Heinesen
  4. Three Danish Love Songs. Composer: Jørgen Jersild. Text: Trad.
  5. 3 Motets. Composer: Bernhard Lewkovitch. Text: Psalm 30:12-13
  6. 6 Simple Danish Songs. Composer: Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen. Text: Tove Ditlevsen, Charlotte Strandgaard, Jess Ørnsbo