Academic and Artistic Translation

Academic and Artistic Translation

Edward and Hanna spend a good deal of their time on cultural translations – both academic and creative. In this kind of work a deeper understanding of etymology than normal is required, and a cultural ballast is an absolute necessity. In this regard it is invaluable to have both a native English and a native Danish speaker with these skills working in collaboration – as is the case with Broadbridge.

With two good travel-hearts and a genuine passion for linguistic nuances and precision, Edward and Hanna possess the perfect skills for this demanding skill of cultural translation.

Among their published works in the cultural area Broadbridge have produced the following:

Industrial Life in Denmark (Foundation for International Understanding, 1987) – compendium of Danish foundations.

Learning in Denmark (Danish Cultural Institute, 1997) – description of the Danish school and education system.

Kyohei Fujita: The Man and His Work, Finn Lynggaard (Borgen 2001). Biography of the Japanese glassblower.

The Taste for Ethics, Christian Coff (Springer, Berlin & New York, 2006) – an ethical approach to food prodcuation and consumption.

Images of God: Freedom of Speech in a Globalized World, ed. Lisbet Christoffersen (på dansk, Tiderne Skifter 2007)

At the Heart of Denmark: Institutional Forms and Mental Patterns, Peter Gundelach, Hans Raun Iversen and Margit Warburg (not yet published)

Mai-Britt Boa, Installation exhibition in Horsens 2010, brochure.

English version of Jens Kristian Krarup, Living Heritage. Guide to Løgumkloster Church, published by Museet Holmen, Løgumkloster 2015.